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Teachers in Chapel Hill-Carrboro Schools,

Orange County, Durham County, & Surrounding Areas:

Apply to be a TEACHER ADVISOR for

“Doing Democracy: Civic Education and Engagement at the Public Library”

For participating in one planning meeting (4 PM – 7 PM,) teachers will receive:

  • a $50 stipend
  • a catered dinner
  • .5 CEUs
  • a great CV/resume credit!
  • guaranteed admittance to our April 2018 two-day workshop for releasing completed materials

Elementary teachers session: Thursday, Oct. 19 | 4-7 PM at the Chapel Hill Public Library

Middle & high school teachers session: Wednesday, Oct. 25 | 4-7 PM at the Chapel Hill Public Library


(Applications are rolling, so apply ASAP. If not filled before, applications will close Friday Oct. 6.)

If the 2016 election cycle taught us anything, it is that our country is deeply divided. From politicians on all sides, at all levels, refusing to cooperate, to the day-to-day divisive arguments and FaceBook rants of individuals, it can feel like our democracy is broken. Where better to engage in the important work of healing such issues and teaching about civic engagement, government and civil discourse than at the public library? “Doing Democracy: Civic Education & Engagement at the Public Library” (funded by funded by a LSTA grant) is an exciting and innovative collaboration between the Chapel Hill Public Library (CHPL) and Carolina K-12 at UNC-Chapel Hill that will develop and offer teachers standards-based curriculum and experiential civic education activities framed around a visit to the public library. Twelve curriculum modules will be designed and developed, with offerings for elementary, middle, and high school. These interactive modules will tap into critical thinking and real world learning, and will enable teachers to book library field trips filled with role plays, interactive discussions, and experiential learning activities that help students understand civics, government, and democracy, and help teachers meet educational standards and curriculum targets.

But we need YOUR input as experts in the field! Carolina K-12 is seeking elementary, middle and high school teachers to serve as TEACHER ADVISORS as we delve into this exciting initiative!

As a TEACHER ADVISOR, you will attend a brainstorming session at the Chapel Hill Public Library with Carolina K-12 staff and other educators (4 PM – 7 PM) where we enjoy dinner together and drum up creative, practical and meaningful ideas to take this project to the next level! Teacher Advisors will:

  • Share your classroom needs and interests and highlight the gaps and voids that currently exist (for you personally) in civic education curriculum and activities
  • Brainstorm ideas for curriculum modules and activities that would help you engage students in meaningful ways (both on a library fieldtrip and back in the classroom) with topics such as local government, public administration, civil discourse, etc.
  • Brainstorm ideas for interactive field trips and experiential learning opportunities in civic education and engagement at the public library
  • Share your thoughts and critical feedback post-meeting (via e-mail) as the project and curricular modules develop

Post-meeting, Teacher Advisors interested in continuing their involvement with the project will be given options for doing so. (For example, several teachers will be hired as contractors to assist in the development of 12 curricular modules.)

Questions? Contact Christie Norris at

Fill out the brief application here. (Applications are rolling, so apply ASAP. If not filled before, applications will close Friday Oct. 6.)


Middle & High School Teachers – Don’t miss our LAST installment of

Hidden Histories: What Your NC History Textbook Left Out!

North Carolina and World War I

October 6-7, 2017 | North Carolina Museum of History – Raleigh, NC

Friday, Oct. 6: 10 AM – 6:30 PM | Saturday, Oct. 7: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

November 11, 1918. At 11:00 a.m. sharp, the bells of all the churches in France began to ring in celebration: World War I was finally over. This “short” conflict—as it was predicted by the military—had dragged on for 52 months, inflicting unprecedented suffering on the people in each country involved. With the centennial of the US entry into World War I upon us, the First World War remains one of the most prominent conflicts in modern history.  Its wide-ranging consequences would dramatically alter the world’s demographic, political, economic, social, and cultural direction well into the 21st century. Middle and high school teachers are invited to join Carolina K-12 and the NC Museum of History to learn more about this intriguing period of history while exploring resources and strategies for integrating World War I into the K-12 classroom.

This two day event will dynamically integrate:

  • Lectures from university scholars & historians– As part of the agenda, participants will expand their content knowledge in discussions and presentations from various experts in the field of World War I history. From learning about World War I on the Homefront, to exploring the experiences of African Americans and women during World War I, teachers will improve their own understanding about World War I in general, with a focus on “hidden” and less covered narratives and topics.
  • Interaction with the NC History Museum’s “North Carolina & World War I” exhibit – This interactive multimedia exhibit commemorates the centennial of US entry into World War I and focuses on North Carolina’s role in the War on the western front in France and Belgium. Participants will experience a re-created trench warfare environment to discover what life was like for Tar Heel soldiers, as well as over 500 artifacts, video re-enactments, and more. Participants will also have the opportunity to think critically about the choices exhibit creators make when featuring particular narratives over others in a special “Behind the Scenes” tour with the exhibit’s curator.
  • Pedagogical exploration of quality teaching resources – Given the limitations of pacing guides and packed curriculums, teaching about World War I history can feel overwhelming. Portions of the agenda will thus be devoted to exploring quality and easy-to-implement lessons, primary sources, and other resources for teaching about WWI in the middle and high school classroom.

Workshop participants receive:

  • 1.5 CEUs
  • Single occupancy hotel accommodations can be requested for Friday, Oct. 6 for participants residing more than 90 round-trip miles from the NC Museum of History in Raleigh. Additionally, participants residing more than 300 round trip miles from the NC Museum of History can request a single-occupancy room for Thursday, Oct. 5 as well.
    • If you do not meet the mileage requirements but have special circumstances for which you would like to request a room, you can inquire by contacting Paul Bonnici at
  • Substitute scholarships are available for teachers whose schools lack substitute funding. To request a substitute, teachers must submit a request from your principal. Teachers are eligible for up to two substitute scholarships per calendar year.
  • Meals and snacks

This opportunity is open to middle and high school Social Studies teachers who cover World War I in their courses. Past participants of other Hidden Histories sessions are eligible and encouraged to apply. Please note that applicants must be able to attend all hours of the Oct. 6-7, 2017 event.

Registration deadline is Friday, September 29. 

Funding for this event is generously provided by the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust and the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Eastern Region Program, coordinated by Waynesburg University.

Apply for this workshop


The William Friday Teachers Retreat: Carolina Voices
held in honor of Elizabeth Vann Moore

Thursday, November 9 – Saturday, November 11, 2017
Historic Edenton, NC

Funding for this event is generously provided by the North Caroliniana Society.

Eastern, NC teachers are invited to join us for three beautiful days this fall in Historic Edenton! Teachers participating in this FREE professional development and teacher appreciation event will receive:

  • Beautiful, single-occupancy accommodations (Thursday & Friday night) & a Teacher Appreciation Dinner (on Thursday night) at the Inner Banks Inn, a TripAdvisor #1 rated bed and breakfast set on 2.75 acres in Edenton’s historic district and an easy stroll to the downtown and waterfront!
  • 2.0 CEUs
  • Access to the best-of-the-best historical experts, university scholars, authors, & performers, as well as tours of the quaint and compelling town of Edenton, NC
  • Lesson plans, teaching ideas, and resources from Carolina K-12 and Wilson Library
  • Breakfast & lunch on Friday & Saturday
  • The important chance to recharge with other teachers around the state, and revel in constant affirmation and appreciation for your work as a PROFESSIONAL who is making NC a better place each day you enter the classroom!

REGISTRATION IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR EDUCATORS WHO TEACH IN EASTERN COUNTIES. (Non-eastern educator spaces are full, but this workshop will be held again in other regions.)

Event Details     

North Carolina history represents a tapestry of diverse and distinctive people & events, replete with rich heritage and resilient individuals who fought for a better way of life, showing courage and conviction, often in the face of extreme adversity. And where better to deep dive into a study of Tar Heel history than a quaint little town where history seeps from every nook and cranny: the beautiful Historic Edenton, NC.

UNC-Chapel Hill’s Carolina K-12, in partnership with Wilson Library’s North Carolina Collection, invite K-12 teachers to join us this fall for a dynamic two and a half days, during which teachers will enjoy a snapshot of some of North Carolina’s most captivating events and people, all the while celebrating each participating teacher and the important work you do. The agenda will integrate:

  • Presentations on compelling topics from North Carolina and American history from engaging scholars, authors & musicians
  • Pedagogical exploration of coordinating lesson plans and teaching strategies
  • Immersive tours of and connections to the vast history of Historic Edenton, which is home to some of the state’s oldest buildings and churches (including our event location – the 1767 Chowan County Courthouse -considered the most intact in America), as well as prominent history (from the Edenton Tea Party to the Maritime Underground Railroad) and extraordinary people (such as Harriet Jacobs.)
  • Exploration of primary sources and online resources from UNC-Chapel Hill Libraries, such as Wilson Library’s North Carolina Collection and the Southern Oral History Program

Activities will take place at the 1767 Chowan County Courthouse in downtown Historic Edenton throughout:

  • Thursday, Nov. 9th: 1 PM – 8 PM (Includes a private Teacher Appreciation Dinner at the Inner Banks Inn)

Teachers can request reimbursement for substitute pay for Thursday if your school cannot cover the cost; you must submit a signed letter from your principal stating the need/lack of funds.

  • Friday, Nov. 10th: 9 AM – 5:30 PM (includes breakfast & lunch)

Please note that Friday, Nov. 10th is a federal holiday (Veterans Day); substitute teachers will thus not be needed.

  • Saturday, Nov. 11th: 9 AM – 4:00 (includes breakfast & lunch)

Registration requirements:

  • Limited space is available for teachers in Eastern counties.
  • This event is open to teachers in Social Studies, English/Language Arts, and other disciplines, with the requirement that applicants must cover NC History in their curriculum.
  • Past participants in Carolina K-12 (formerly the NC Civic Education Consortium) events are encouraged to apply, but participants in the 2016 or 2017 Carolina Voices at Wilson Library are ineligible due to repeated content.
  • Single occupancy hotel accommodations (provided FREE of charge by our funder, the North Caroliniana Society) can be requested for Thursday and Friday nights for eastern teachers traveling more than 80 miles roundtrip. Reservations will be made for you at the Inner Banks Inn, a TripAdvisor #1 rated bed and breakfast set on 2.75 acres in Edenton’s historic district and an easy stroll to the downtown and waterfront.
    • If you do not meet the mileage requirements but have special circumstances for which you would like to request a room, you can inquire by contacting Paul Bonnici at

An event provided by the North Caroliniana Society to educate and equally appreciate our state’s hard working educators, teachers do not want to miss this unique deep dive into the history of the Tar Heel State! To apply for participation, click the link below. (Remember, while anyone can register, only teachers in Eastern counties will receive spots up until Oct. 2, 2017 – after which all counties can be admitted.)

APPLY FOR CAROLINA VOICES HERE – only spaces for teachers in eastern counties are availalbe

If your application is accepted, Paul Bonnici will contact you to request a credit card number to hold your space. YOUR CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED as long as your participate in the training, or provide notice of cancelation by November 1. Failure to attend the training or cancel your participation, which results in food and material waste and prevents other teachers from attending, will result in a $75 cancellation fee applied to your card. This charge is ONLY applied for a registrant who does not cancel their registration. We take your privacy very seriously; all credit card information is kept in a locked safe and then shredded after the training date.

If you have any questions, contact Paul Bonnici at or 919.962.1544.

Elementary School Teachers! Apply to be a 

NC Transportation Museum Curriculum “Engineer”

October 14, 2017 | NC Transportation Museum – Spencer, NC

Receive a $250 stipend and 2.0 CEUs! | Applications are due by Sept. 15, 2017

Applications have closed. Applicants will be notified by Oct. 4, 2017.

Have you ever taken your elementary school students on a fieldtrip and thought about all the ways the site could take your students’ experience to a whole new level? If so, take note! The NC Transportation Museum is currently accepting applications from elementary school teachers to serve as NC Transportation Museum Curriculum Engineers! Selected teachers will attend a full-day workshop on Saturday, October 14, 2017 at the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC, where participants will be exposed to all of the resources (exhibits, themed tours, artifacts, a train ride, etc.) the Museum currently offers for elementary students. Teachers will then collaborate with Museum and Carolina K-12 staff to brainstorm and advise on interactive and creative activities that coordinate with the Museum’s offerings in order to better ensure school visits are both educational, hands-on and integrated across multiple disciplines (STEAM, Social Studies, English/Language Arts/Reading, etc.) for K-5 classrooms (with a particular focus on the Museum’s largest visitor population of 4th grade students.)

As a Curriculum Engineer, teachers will:

  • Learn about and participate in the Museum’s current tours/exhibits throughout the day on Sat., Oct. 14, providing feedback regarding the experience, while also brainstorming and discussing creative ideas to expand the educational impact on K-5 visitors
  • Identify the most relevant aspects of the NC Transportation Museum’s 60-acre site for K-5 visitors
  • Consider and recommend thematic educational tours, experiential activities, interactive stations, etc., that can better connect the Museum’s resources to the NC teaching standards for K-5 across multiple disciplines (STEAM, Social Studies, English/Language Arts/Reading, etc.), with a special emphasis on the Museum’s highest visitor population of 4th grade students
  • Brainstorm potential pre-visit, visit, and post-visit classroom connections and activities and create/submit one activity after the Oct. 14 workshop
  • Help identify, as an expert from the K-5 teaching field, the various ways K-5 students can be further engaged with the NC Transportation Museum overall, both in on-site visits and back in the classroom

Selected Curriculum Engineers will receive:

  • A $250 stipend (Stipends will be issued upon submitting one teaching activity after the Oct. 14 workshop – due by Saturday, Nov. 11; details will be provided on Oct. 14)
  • 2.0 CEUs (includes time outside of Oct. 14 for creating an activity)
  • For teachers who travel more than 30 miles round trip, mileage reimbursement will be provided at .40 per each mile over the 30 miles if requested.
  • Behind-the-scenes access to the NC Transportation Museum’s exhibits and school tours
  • Fun giveaways throughout the day
  • Time for pedagogical exploration and brainstorming
  • Breakfast, lunch, and general comradery from other great teachers around the state
  • A great resume/CV credit

Questions about the program, the requirements, or other general issues can be sent to Christie Norris, Director | Carolina K-12, at

Applications have closed for the Curriculum Engineers. Applicants will be notified by Oct. 4, 2017.

Cancellation for Carolina K-12 Trainings

Carolina K-12 is dedicated to assisting teachers by providing free trainings, materials, participant meals, etc. Carolina K-12 does not require a deposit or fee to attend our trainings; therefore, we ask that registered participants needing to cancel do so at least one week prior to the training date. Please understand that participants who do not cancel their spot in a timely fashion prevent teachers on the waiting list from participating.

Attend the Program in the Humanities & Human Values’ General Seminars at a Discount & Receive a $75 Stipend Post-Attendance!

In addition to the free teacher trainings offered by Carolina K-12, educators can also register to attend the numerous seminars offered by the Program in the Humanities and Human Values (the Program.) While these lectures are designed for a general audience and will not include pedagogical training, they are an excellent way for teachers to broaden their content knowledge in various subjects as life-long-learners.

Scholarships covering 50% of the tuition are available for all Adventures in Ideas seminars for currently employed full-time teachers, librarians, and administrators in K-12 public and private schools and community colleges. These teacher scholarships for general seminars are made possible by generous donors to the Humanities Program. Check out the listing of general programs offered by the Program in the Humanities & Human Values here.

If you see a general program you would like to attend, take the following steps to apply for the 50% discount:

  • If filling out the paper registration form, complete and sign the “Attention Teachers” portion of the form and enclose payment (the full tuition less the 50% discount.) Optional meals are also served for a fee; should you choose to participate in the optional meal, you’ll add that amount to your discounted tuition amount.  If registering online, please follow the instructions listed on our registration page.
  • Funding restrictions do not allow us to award scholarships to substitute or retired teachers. The Program’s “first time participant’s discount” or a “three or more discount” may not be combined with a teacher scholarship.
  • Should you need to cancel your participation, $30 is non-refundable. Reservations for optional meals may be cancelled up to noon two business days before a seminar.
  • Applications without a signature or payment cannot be processed and will be returned.
  • Please note that scholarships are not needed for any event hosted by Carolina K-12, which are free of charge to teachers. Scholarships are only needed for the Program in the Humanities & Human Values’ general programs.

Teachers who attend the Humanities Program’s Adventures in Ideas seminars can apply for a $75 stipend via the Daisy Edmister Fund!

Visit the Daisy Edmister Fund site for more information. 

Scholarships for Teachers at Raleigh Charter High School

Thanks to a generous gift from Novie Beth Ragan Gad, whose children are graduates of Raleigh Charter, both full and part-time teachers at Raleigh Charter High School are eligible to receive a scholarship to any Humanities Program seminar. Funds will be reimbursed upon successful completion of the seminar. For information, please call 919.962.1544.

Custom Trainings

Carolina K-12 also offers customized trainings for individual schools, school districts, and extra-curricular programs (i.e., 4-H, Youth Councils, etc.) We can also organize a professional development retreat for your group at UNC-Chapel Hill.  Costs vary. To learn more about our customization options, as well as our trainings for after school and youth leadership programs, please contact Christie Hinson Norris at 919.843.9387  or

Professional Development Spotlight

From Segregation to Civil Rights: A Journey through North Carolina’s History

On January 14th, 2008, Carolina K-12 (then named NC Civic Education Consortium) hosted a training for North Carolina history educators on teaching about our state’s diverse past.

  • Check out this video for an inside look at our teacher workshops!
  • To access the curriculum from this workshop, click here.