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In collaboration with the North Carolina Museum of Art Egypt

September 28, 2013

Our successful collaboration with the North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) continues with this seminar on Ancient Egypt. Join us in Raleigh in a wonderful setting where we’ll explore the world of ancient Egypt from its earliest developments as a civilization up through its status as a Roman province. Our speakers will introduce you to the many eras, artifacts, and cultures of the land through lectures on the Egyptian collection at the Museum, the impact of Egypt on Alexander the Great and his successors, and the role Egypt played in the Roman world and imagination. After our speakers conclude we’ll have a chance to tour the holdings at the museum itself. Sign up for this seminar and you’ll be sure to leave with a command of centuries of history and artistic achievement.

Topics & Speakers

Under Pharaoh’s Rule
Caroline Rocheleau, Curator of Ancient Art, North Carolina Museum of Art

Alexander and Egypt: On-the-Job Training for Macedonian Pharaohs
Fred Naiden, Associate Professor of History

Roman Egypt in Reality and Imagination
Richard Talbert, William Rand Kenan, Jr. Professor of History

Time and Cost

9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday, September 28, 2013. The tuition is $140 ($125 by September 5). Tuition for teachers is $70 ($62.50 by September 5). 10 contact hours for 1 unit of renewal credit. Lunch is included.
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Co-Sponsored by the General Alumni Association.

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