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In Collaboration with the North Carolina Botanical Garden

JUNE 11, 2016 

What is an “authentic” natural environment? What is the essence of an organism? What role do our genes play in making a being, and what influences their expression? This seminar will delve into the world of genetics, epigenetics, and the environment to tackle fundamental questions of identity. Johnny Randall of the North Carolina Botanical Garden will discuss how conservationists approach preserving natural biomes and restoring damaged ones to suggest that humans can strongly influence the development of species and their relationships with their environments. Biologist David Pfennig will explore the complex interplay of genetics and the environment to show how epigenetics, the study of gene expression and reception, are essential to understanding evolution and disease. Finally, we will turn to Folami Ideraabdullah who will explain how epigenetics help explain fetal development in humans, with a special emphasis on maternal diet and exposure to toxics during pregnancy. Participants will enjoy this update on Darwin as they ponder deep questions about the nature of identity.

Topics and Speakers

Restoring Ecosystems: Genes, Demes, and Schemes
Johnny Randall, Director of Conservation Programs, North Carolina Botanical Garden, and Adjunct Faculty, Curriculum for the Environment and Ecology

Environment, Epigenetics, and Evolution
David W. Pfennig, Professor of Biology

Eating for Two: Epigenetic Consequences of Maternal Environments
Folami Ideraabdullah, Assistant Professor of Genetics, Nutritional Research Institute

Authenticity, Identity, and the Environment
A panel discussion with our speakers


9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturday, June 11, 2016. The tuition is $140 ($125 by May 25). Tuition for teachers is $70 ($62.50 by May 25). Teachers can also receive a $75 stipend after attending (click here for more information) and 10 contact hours for 1 unit of renewal credit. Lunch is included. **Special Early Bird Price extended until June 10.**

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Co-Sponsored by the General Alumni Association.

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