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Since the start of 2007, Caroline Dyar has been with the Program in the Humanities, overseeing the logistics of our Program’s offerings. After living in Charlottesville, Virginia, for most of her life, the transition to Chapel Hill was a good fit. She spent a year at Bryn Mawr College before graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in Media Studies. Her favorite seminar topics focus on global understanding, literature, and science. She is passionate about animal rights and healthy living.

In June 2016, Caroline left the Humanities Program to pursue new opportunities. When you read a seminar description in print or on the web, when you received a packet of readings, when welcomed with a folder, nametag, and a comfortable seat at a program, and when asked to recycle your materials, you encountered Caroline and her work. Her logistical expertise helped keep our seminars on track. We wish her well as she follows her passion for advancing the health and well-being of all creatures (human and non-) to work as the Event Manager for PlantPure Nation and as an Integrative Health Coach, trained at Duke Integrative Medicine. We’ll miss her cheerful and organized influence on everything we do. She can be reached via email at