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Sat. June 18 | 9:15 am – 3:45 pm | Chapel Hill, NC

K-12 and Community College teachers register for FREE + Receive a free lunch + and a $50 travel stipend post-attendance!

Join Carolina Public Humanities for a special Juneteenth seminar, “Civil War, Reconstruction, and the Human Rights Legacy of Emancipation.” This special Juneteenth seminar will analyze how the Emancipation Proclamation shaped the meaning of the Civil War and explore how advocates for Black equality sought to assure equal citizenship and voting rights through the 14th and 15th amendments. We’ll also examine the experiences of formerly enslaved women in eastern North Carolina who sought to create new lives for themselves during and after Reconstruction. Ultimately, we will consider how the legacies from this era continue to affect American political and economic life in our own time. The program will include three lectures from top scholars in our area, lunch, and a panel discussion:

  • The Civil War and the Struggle for Black Citizenship – Susanna Lee, Associate Professor of History, North Carolina State University
  • The Reconstruction Amendments and Voting Rights: Then and Now – William Sturkey, Associate Professor of History
  • Black Women’s Fight for Civil War Pensions in the Post-Emancipation South – Brandi C. Brimmer, Associate Professor and Morehead-Cain Alumni Scholar in African, African American and Diaspora Studies
  • How Does the Legacy of the Civil War and Reconstruction Affect American Society in the Twenty-First Century? – A Panel Discussion with Our Speakers

Register Today!

  • IN-PERSON: General public registration for this seminar and its lunch is $145, but in appreciation of the important work of K-12 and Community College educators, currently practicing teachers from NC schools can register for FREE to attend in person, enjoy a free lunch, and RECEIVE A $50 stipend post-event! Click HERE to register for in-person participation.

***If your application for in-person attendance is accepted, you will need to provide a credit card number via phone or fax to secure your space. (Instructions will be included in your acceptance e-mail.) YOUR CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED and NO HOLD is placed on your card. We are committed to providing services to hardworking teachers for free, but failure to cancel, last minute cancellations, and “no shows” result in extreme waste and prevents wait-listed teachers from attending. Thus, failure to cancel/participate may result in a $75 “no show” fee applied to your credit card (except in the case of emergencies or sudden illness.) This charge is ONLY applied for a registrant who does not cancel their registration and/or does not show up.

  • VIRTUAL: K-12 and Community College educators can also register to participate for FREE via Zoom (general public Zoom registration is $75). Click HERE for FREE VIRTUAL REGISTRATION. (Please note virtual participants are not eligible to receive the $50 travel stipend.)

 Suggested pre-reading for educators: National Report on the Teaching of Reconstruction

This offer is only available for currently practicing K-12 and Community College teachers. If you are a member of the general public and wish to register for this event, please see the event page.


  • Support of the Institute for the Arts & Humanities (IAH) and generous donors to CPH make it possible for teachers to attend in-person or via zoom webinar for free
  • If you have questions, please contact CPH at or 919-962-1544 (M-F – 9am-5pm EST)