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This fall, CPH recruited its inaugural class of Zietlow Fellows, 8 undergraduate students from a variety of disciplines at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill who are ready to deepen their understandings of the humanities, research, and community engagement.

The non-partisan Zietlow Initiative aims to increase North Carolinians’ literacy of democratic processes, history, and civic life. Fellows learn about the intricacies of local government, the importance of voting, and the power to create change through the democratic process.

During the fall semester, participants explore the historic context of their topics – especially how state and national legislation affects local communities – while working as a group to master knowledge of media literacy, the intricacies of local and state government, and humanistic research practices. In spring 2024, participants will begin community engagement, during which they will learn about the current state of their issue from those in the Chapel Hill community and beyond and create action plans to affect change. At each step of the way, fellows will practice and receive support in: translating their research and learnings to diverse audiences, refining their ability to communicate, and engaging via varied mediums (social media, public speaking, writing, art, theatre, etc.) The fellowship culminates in a public showcase, where fellows will display their research and advocate for their topics to community members, civic leaders, and local officials.






Make Reels, Earn $$$! 

The application for the spring 2024 Democracygram Challenge is live! 

This season’s theme is “Civic Responsibility.” Teams will attend a one-day training on March 20, then have three weeks to design engaging content, shoot it, and track its spread.    

If you’re selected to participate, you’ll get paid, but if you win, you’ll get more money!    

Apply by midnight on March 8, 2024!  

Questions? Check out the Q&A or reach out to Kylie Seltzer at 


On October 6, 2023, 3 teams of students gathered to launch the inaugural Democracygram Challenge. During the session, experts in journalism, communications, and law coached them about the intricacies of communicating on social media and how to encourage civic engagement. Over the course of the next three weeks, teams submitted at least 2 Instagram Reels per week on the theme of “Voice.”

Check out the fall 2023 teams’ posts!

Congratulations to our winning team: Kayla, Ria, and Benny! 


And thank you to all the teams for sharing your creativity with us!