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Program in the Humanities

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

To Register

Registration Instructions

To register for one of our upcoming seminars or events, simply click here and select the particular category of program you want to register for.

You may notice that our online registration page provides many “Register” options given the numerous programs we offer. Here is a basic guideline to help you navigate these options:

  • Our registration options for Adventures in Ideas seminars are listed in two ways. If you’re planning to register for one or two seminars, please use the registration option entitled “Adventures in Ideas.” If you’d like to take advantage of the discount we offer when registering for three or more seminars, please use the option entitled “3 or More Form-Adventures in Ideas.”
  • There is a separate registration option for events that take place at Flyleaf Bookstore, which include our Humanities in Action and Spotlight on Scholars series. The tuition for these events differs depending on whether you are a current member of the UNC General Alumni Association (GAA) or a non-member. Thus, there are two additional registration options labeled according to your GAA membership status – either select “GAA Members” or “Non-GAA Members/General Public.” (Remember, anyone can become a member of the GAA – click here for details!)
  • If an event doesn’t fit into these categories, it will be labeled “Special Event” and have its own registration button.

Please ensure you are registering for the program that falls on the date you are interested in attending, since depending on the time of year, there may be two registration pages listed for a particular program. For instance, the summer semester of Flyleaf Bookstore events may still be in session when our fall registration begins, so you might see two sets of registration pages, one for summer and one for fall.

If you have any questions, please email our registrar, Brian Entzminger, at, or call our main line, (919) 962-1544, and someone would be happy to assist you with the registration process.

Please visit our General Information page for details about our registration policies, discounts, parking, and more.

Registration Discounts for General Public

You may take ONE of the following discounts per semester:

  • 3 or more seminars per person: please subtract $20.00 per seminar
  • First Time Discount: Please subtract $30.00 from the tuition of the relevant seminar.
  • Teachers/librarian/administrators: See below.

Registration Discounts for Teachers

  • Scholarships covering 50% of the tuition are available for all Adventures in Ideas seminars for currently employed full-time teachers, librarians, and administrators in K-12 public and private schools and community colleges. Please see our page for teachers for details.
  • Teachers should use the “standard” Adventures in Ideas form to receive this discount. Once clicking on the “Register” button, there is a line at the top of the registration form that opens (before the seminars are listed) where you should indicate whether or not you qualify for the teacher discount. Once you have indicated that you intend to claim this discount, the tuition will automatically be reduced by 50% when a seminar is selected.
  • The second half of the form includes a section labeled “Specials.” If you are registering for a seminar conducted in collaboration with PlayMakers Repertory Company, you can select whether or not you’d like a complimentary play ticket.
  • Please note: The Program’s “first time participant’s discount” or a “three or more discount” may not be combined with a teacher scholarship. Unfortunately, funding restrictions do not allow us to award scholarships to substitute or retired teachers.

Cancellation Policy

It is occasionally possible that an event or meal will be cancelled due to low enrollment. If an event is cancelled, the full tuition amount will be refunded.

Participants who need to cancel their registration will receive a refund for tuition (minus a $30 administrative fee for each registration)  for cancellations made at least one business day before a seminar. Refunds for optional meals will be made in full for cancellations made by noon, two business days prior to a seminar.

If you have any questions, please email our registrar, Brian Entzminger, at, or call our main line, (919) 962-1544.

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