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In our Humanities on the Road series, a project of our State Outreach and Strategic Partnerships initiative, Carolina Public Humanities partners with community colleges and cultural institutions throughout North Carolina to bring humanities scholars from UNC Chapel Hill to engage with public communities around the state. 



“Why is Our City Called Fayetteville?” : Lafayette’s Life, Ideas, and American Tour of 1824-25 with Lloyd Kramer | Friday, September 8, Fayetteville Tech Community College, 1:00 PM

Presented in partnership with the Lafayette Society, this is the first Fall 2023 installment of the Community History Lecture Series in Fayetteville.



Indivisible with Sonny Kelly

| Wednesday, September 6, Durham County Public Library, 6:00 PM

| Tuesday, September 12, Fayetteville Technical Community College, 5:30 PM

| Wednesday, September 13, Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, 1:00 PM

Join scholar and playwright Sonny Kelly for the last programs in our “Indivisible” series as he uses the tools of storytelling, lecture, poetry, and dramatic interpretation to grapple with the too-often forgotten American story of transcending oppression with home, resilience, and unity.


“Barbary Pirates”: Politics, Faith, and Violence on the Mediterranean Sea with Max Owre | Monday, October 9, Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, 5:30 PM

Americans have always had a fascination with what we are told was our first foreign war–the action against the “Barbary Pirates.” We all know “From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli,” but who were we fighting? This engaging presentation will place the so-called “Barbary Pirates” in the long history of seaborne violence on the Mediterranean. We’ll explore how politics and religion made theft, murder, and enslavement on fast ships an act of statecraft, and learn who benefited from the continued existence of the Corsairs for over three centuries. We may even question whether they were pirates at all.