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Jim Crow in North Carolina

Monday, January 25 | 4:00pm – 7:00pm via Zoom

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Jim Crow was a system of racial apartheid in the American South that lasted for nearly one hundred years, affecting every part of Southern life, from racial segregation to social etiquette. The system had many features, but its primary function was to promote and maintain a white supremacist racial order, the remnants of which are still shape our present. In this virtual workshop, we will explore the history of Jim Crow in North Carolina through a conversation with historian and legal scholar Richard Paschal, author of the new book Jim Crow in North Carolina: The Legislative Program from 1865 to 1920.

This will be followed by a special live stream of the musical “The Movement,” a historical acapella that chronicles the fight against Jim Crow that took place in the Children’s March of 1963. (Attendees are encouraged to grab their dinner, and invite their entire family to watch along. The show is designed for 4th graders through adults.)

Teachers will learn about resources for teaching about Jim Crow, including an overview of the newly launched website, On the Books, a project of UNC-Chapel Hill Libraries that provides the first-ever catalogue of searchable Jim Crow laws for the entire state of North Carolina. Attendees will learn about this innovative resource from a member of the project team, as well as explore the classroom materials available for teaching about Jim Crow and related themes in your classrooms.

Teachers will receive instructions on how to access a second performance for students on Tuesday or Wednesday following the event.

**Prior to attending this events, participants are asked to read this brief article about the book by Paschal, as well as this article about Jim Crow laws in general for context.

**Attending K-12 teachers are eligible receive a free book related to the program’s content after participating, with a choice of Freedom’s Children or Jim Crow in North Carolina. The first 50 K-12 teachers who complete their post-event survey will receive a book. CEUs are also available.

This workshop is provided by Carolina K-12, the North Caroliniana Society, and the NC Museum of History, with funding from the North Caroliniana Society and the Braitmayer Foundation.


Rifles, Radio and Resistance: Robert F. Williams and the Black Freedom Movement


Featuring Dr. Freddie Parker & Dr. Seth Kotch | Moderated by Christie Norris, Carolina K-12

***Registrants are encouraged to complete this reading, “Teaching About Self Defense in the African American Freedom Struggle,” prior to participation.***

While our history books usually include a watered-down version of the American Civil Rights Movement and its use of non-violent direct action, little attention is paid to the courageous resistance to white supremacy enacted by men such as North Carolina’s Robert F. Williams. The defiance of Mr. Williams and thousands of other activists, including the partnership of his wife Mabel, illustrates how black Southerners were prepared to defend themselves, their families, their homes, and their rights however necessary – including armed self-defense if and when necessary. In this session, we will examine the influences, philosophies, leadership, and action of Robert F. Williams, which as written by Dr. Tim Tyson, “illustrates that ‘the civil rights movement’ and ‘the Black Power movement’ emerged from the same soil, confronted the same predicaments, and reflected the same quest for African American freedom.”

All educators (K-12, community college, university) are welcome to attend, including community educators and individuals with interest in the topic. Material shared will be most relevant for educators of grade 8 and higher, however.

This event is provided by Carolina K-12 and the NC Museum of History, with funding from the Braitmayer Foundation.


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