While we wish for a world at peace, war—to-date at least—seems to be an enduring part of the human condition. With more than 50 conflicts currently being fought around the world, we should try to understand the forces that cause them, how they are waged, and how we can end and prevent wars. Carolina Public Humanities will explore these questions in our new extended-lecture, mid-week series on military history and topics in peace, war, and defense.

Cost: $25 per lecture; $60 for all three.

All three events will take place at Flyleaf Books. 

Descriptions for each session will be available soon.

Spring 2019

Why Study Military History? with Dr. Gerhard Weinberg | February 13 | 1:00pm

What Made the Spartan Army Strong? with Dr. Richard Talbert | March 7 | 1:00pm

The US Military and the President under Obama and Trump with Dr. Richard Kohn | April 17 | 1:00pm **Please note that the date listed in our brochure (April 18) is incorrect**

All Warfare, Society, and the Military events will take place at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill

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