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Program in the Humanities

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Upcoming Trainings

If you have questions regarding the posted trainings, contact Paul Bonnici at 919.962.1544 or

 Summer 2014 Trainings

1. Hidden Histories: Is it FACT or FICTION? (Generously funded by the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust)
Dates: November 7 – 8, 2014
Location: NC Museum of History, Raleigh

North Carolina’s K-12 teachers are invited to join the North Carolina Museum of History and the NC Civic Education Consortium for an exciting encore to our summer series, “Hidden Histories: What Your NC History Textbook Left Out.” This two-day session, “Hidden Histories: Is it FACT or FICTION?,” is designed to deepen our understanding of diverse history while examining topics in a new light to determine if what you’re teaching is fact—or possibly fiction. Middle and high school teachers interested in thinking critically about history and how it is taught, as well as gaining a more comprehensive and multi-didactic understanding of neglected people and events throughout history, do not want to miss this workshop!

This two-day program will focus on a different time period and dynamically integrate:

  • Lectures from university scholars – As part of the agenda, teachers will be provided the opportunity to return to the role of students themselves as they expand their content knowledge in discussions and presentations from professors, authors, and scholars of North Carolina and American history.
  •  Interaction with the NC History Museum’s “The Story of North Carolina” exhibit – More than 14,000 years of the state’s history unfold through fascinating artifacts, multimedia presentations, dioramas, and hands-on interactive components throughout this exhibit.
  •  Pedagogical exploration – Teachers will explore how to use art, theatre and primary sources to actively engage students in social studies, as well as participate in parts of lesson plans designed by the CEC for the middle and high school classroom.


  • 1.5 Renewal Credits
  • Access to historical experts
  • Lesson plans and pedagogical training from the NC Civic Education Consortium
    • While lesson plans will be written with the middle and high school social studies classroom in mind, any interested educator who teaches the topics covered can attend, with the understanding that resources provided may need modified.
  • Special access to the exhibits and resources at the NC History Museum
  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks
  • Single occupancy hotel accommodations Friday evening for participants residing more than 90 round-trip miles from the NC History Museum. Additionally, participants residing more than 375 round trip miles from the NC History Museum can request a Thursday evening as well.
Click to download the registration form.
(**Please note registrants who have not participated in another session in the Hidden Histories series will be given registration priority.)
This program is generously supported by the William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust
2. K-12 Teachers: Join us for From Talking to Talkin’ Tar Heel and receive a $75 stipend!
Saturday, September 27; 1 PM – 5 PM at the NC Museum of History, Raleigh

Do you know what a “dingbatter” is? If someone tells you a poster on your classroom wall is a little “sigogglin,” what do they mean? Join the UNC Program in the Humanities to find out how language and dialect provide a fascinating way to understand North Carolina’s rich and diverse cultural heritage at From Talking to Talkin’ Tar Heel, to be held at the North Carolina Museum of History on September 27, 1 PM – 5 PM. Based on the newly published book Talkin’ Tar Heel: How our voices tell the story of North Carolina by Walt Wolfram and Jeffrey Reaser, this seminar will explore the origins of human language, dialect diversity, and why North Carolinians speak the way(s) they do. Every attendee will receive a free copy of Talkin’ Tar Heel, allowing them to directly experience the rich regional, cultural, and ethnic language practices of the past, present, and future in North Cackalacky. Come and learn directly from the author how and why the language and dialect traditions of the Tar Heel State should be embraced and celebrated along with other cultural and historical traditions. And stay tuned for more: the NC Civic Education Consortium is currently creating a curriculum for the book Talkin’ Tar Heel, which will be available in winter 2014!In addition to the free book, K-12 teachers can register for this seminar for only $30 (50% off the regular registration price). After attending the seminar, teachers will then receive a $75 stipend!

Teachers are also invited to come early and spend time in the Museum’s fascinating exhibit, The Story of North Carolina, where more than 14,000 years of the state’s history unfold through fascinating artifacts, multimedia presentations, dioramas, and hands-on interactive components.

To register, visit the following link:

Make sure to select the $30 tuition option to attend at a discount. Paperwork will be provided to you at the event to receive your $75 stipend.

For additional information or questions, contact Paul Bonnici at

Cancellation for Consortium Trainings

The NC Civic Education Consortium is dedicated to assisting teachers by providing free trainings, materials, participant meals, etc. The Consortium does not require a deposit or fee to attend our trainings; therefore, we ask that registered participants needing to cancel do so at least one week prior to the training date. Please understand that participants who do not cancel their spot in a timely fashion prevent teachers on the waiting list from participating.

Attend the Program in the Humanities & Human Values’ General Seminars at a Discount & Receive a $75 Stipend Post-Attendance!

In addition to the free teacher trainings offered by the Consortium, educators can also register to attend the numerous seminars offered by the Program in the Humanities and Human Values (the Program.) While these lectures are designed for a general audience and will not include pedagogical training, they are an excellent way for teachers to broaden their content knowledge in various subjects as life-long-learners.

Scholarships covering 50% of the tuition are available for all Adventures in Ideas seminars for currently employed full-time teachers, librarians, and administrators in K-12 public and private schools and community colleges. These teacher scholarships for general seminars are made possible by generous donors to the Humanities Program. Check out the listing of general programs offered by the Program in the Humanities & Human Values here.

If you see a general program you would like to attend, take the following steps to apply for the 50% discount:

  • If filling out the paper registration form, complete and sign the “Attention Teachers” portion of the form and enclose payment (the full tuition less the 50% discount.) Optional meals are also served for a fee; should you choose to participate in the optional meal, you’ll add that amount to your discounted tuition amount.  If registering online, please follow the instructions listed on our registration page.
  • Funding restrictions do not allow us to award scholarships to substitute or retired teachers. The Program’s “first time participant’s discount” or a “three or more discount” may not be combined with a teacher scholarship.
  • Should you need to cancel your participation, $30 is non-refundable. Reservations for optional meals may be cancelled up to noon two business days before a seminar.
  • Applications without a signature or payment cannot be processed and will be returned.
  • Please note that scholarships are not needed for any event hosted by the Program’s Civic Education Consortium, which are free of charge to teachers. Scholarships are only needed for the Program in the Humanities & Human Values’ general programs.

Teachers who attend the Humanities Program’s Adventures in Ideas seminars can apply for a $75 stipend via the Daisy Edmister Fund!

The Daisy Edmister Teacher Support Fund, established by Mr. Russell Edmister, honors the memory of his mother, Daisy M. Edmister. The Fund offers an award of $75 to currently-employed, full-time, K-12 and community college teachers who attend Adventures in Ideas seminars. Attending educators will receive an application at the event to submit at the end of the program in order to receive the $75 award. (A check will be mailed to the participant post-seminar.) Teachers can receive one stipend per semester and must attend all hours of the seminar in order to receive the stipend. (Please note that awards are not offered at Civic Education Consortium events, since they are free of charge.) For more information, please call 919.962.1544.

NEW: Scholarships for Teachers at Raleigh Charter High School

Thanks to a generous gift from Novie Beth Ragan Gad, whose children are graduates of Raleigh Charter, both full and part-time teachers at Raleigh Charter High School are eligible to receive a scholarship to any Humanities Program seminar. Funds will be reimbursed upon successful completion of the seminar. For information, please call 919.962.1544.

 Custom Trainings

The Consortium also offers customized trainings for individual schools, school districts, and extra-curricular programs (i.e., 4-H, Youth Councils, etc.) We can also organize a professional development retreat for your group at UNC-Chapel Hill.  Costs vary. To learn more about our customization options, as well as our trainings for after school and youth leadership programs, please contact Christie Hinson Norris at 919.843.9387  or

Professional Development Spotlight

From Segregation to Civil Rights: A Journey through North Carolina’s History

On January 14th, 2008, the NC Civic Education Consortium hosted a training for North Carolina history educators on teaching about our state’s diverse past.

  • Check out this video for an inside look at our teacher workshops!
  • To access the curriculum from this workshop, click here.

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