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In collaboration with the Carolina Asia Center

DECEMBER 3, 2016
bangalore-007Between 2000 and 2014, India added nearly 127 million new residents to its towns and cities, and over the next 15 years its urban population is projected to grow by a further 177 million. As such, India faces numerous challenges as a result of these massive levels of urbanization. Meenu Tewari will investigate this rapid process of transformation and will use great cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata as her case studies.  Russ Smith will highlight Jaipur and New Delhi as his case studies as he introduces us to the recently announced Smart Cities Mission and its attempt to improve daily life in India’s cities.

Topics and Speakers


Better Cities, Better Growth: Harnessing India’s Urban Opportunity: Lessons on Smarter Growth from the Patterns and Costs of India’s Urbanization in the Post-Reform Period

Meenu Tewari, Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning

India’s Smart Cities Mission: Exploring Urban Sustainability Efforts in New Delhi and Jaipur

Russell Smith, Associate Professor of Geography, Winston-Salem State University

The Future of India’s Great Cities

A Panel discussion with our speakers


9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday, December 3, 2016. The tuition is $65 or register for all 3 Dialogue seminars for $150.00.  A meal will not be offered with this seminar.

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Co-Sponsored by the General Alumni Association.

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